Merits of Pre-Planning

photo_preplanning“ Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me.”        
Psalm 23:4   

Save-GSTLimited Burial Plots    
With the increasing problem of limited Christian burial plots in the Klang Valley, many believers are faced with inadequate land bank to bury their love ones. Is probably the last thing on mind to plan  for funeral. But when need arises, it often posed great anxiety to the family. With proper Burial or Cremation, we are leaving a Legacy behind to be remembered. We are offering an option for our departed ones to be buried or cremated with dignity and honor. Locking in with early purchase will ensure a choice location that will be a place of memorial for the deceased. We encourage and offer Pre-planning, so that families can enjoy peace of mind when the loved ones depart to dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
Sites Attractions and Amenities  
Christian Memorial Garden is landscaped to incorporate running streams and ponds amongst its land bank. Beautiful pergolas are placed strategically to provide shade to visitors of the garden. Christian Memorial Garden is also a 24-gated enclosure. Maintained by NV Multi Asia Group and became the first memorial service provider to be awarded the ISO 9002 Certification.

Easy Financing Scheme – Affordable    
It is smart and easy to Pre-Plan. With the availability of an Easy Financing Scheme on 36 months installment plan with 0% interest by any credit card or cheque payment. Pre-Planning is now affordable to meet future needs. Many families of the deceased often make a rash purchase at that point in need and are forced into paying high prices. Don’t wait to Pre-Plan. With a Financing Scheme available, you can spread out cost and ensure savings through well informed decisions.

Hassle Free    
familyPre-Planning is vital as it avoids many issues such as last minute running around, family squabbles, uninformed decisions and more. By Pre-Planning, you are able to save time, money and ensure smooth arrangements without financial constraint, being a burden to your loved ones. As Eternity Garden is managed by Christians, you are assured that arrangements are perform  in accordance to Christian beliefs.

Peace of Mind  
pre_planning_peace_of_mindHave Total Peace of mind. Relieve your loved ones of undue stress during times of difficulty. By Pre-Planning, it makes it easier for bereaved families to cope and cherish the memory of their loved one instead of having to overly focus on funeral arrangements.

Appreciation in Value    
By Pre-Planning and purchasing early, you are not only assured of a choice burial plot in the Klang Valley vicinity but will also benefit from purchase at a lock-in price. Your purchase is also assured to appreciate in value. Pre-Planning helps you hedge against inflation. Eternity Garden offers you the flexibility with the choice to use the plot, transfer it or sell it at an appreciated amount in the future.

Burial Land for Believers  
pre_planning_burial_landChristian Memorial Garden by Eternity Garden is committed to offering burial plots exclusively to believers in Christ. You are therefore ensure of a peaceful environment and landscape that is free from idols and non-Christian ceremonial elements. Churches have also taken up the offer to set aside a corporate plot for their members. This makes it possible for brothers and sister from  the same church  to be buried together.

Maintained by Nirvana  
Christian Memorial Garden will be maintained by Nirvana which has engaged a perpetual maintenance Trust Fund so as to ensure perpetual maintenance of the garden. Hence, customers will only need to pay once and for all and are assured peace of mind. This step is take to ensure the memorial park is well maintained and cared for continuously, for years to come. NV Multi also a member of International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association ( ICCFA ).