Christian Funeral Service Package

While Christians have achieved the all vital spiritual attainments, earthly concerns are still lurking whether we like it or not. How about the physical arrangement for a funeral? What about the financial strain upon the loved ones who have to fend for themselves? What if there is much confusion and hassle to contend with?

These are the issues that will confront the bereaved family members of the deceased who has been called home by the Lord.These earthly concerns are real issues that should be addressed. It should not be a legacy that comes to haunt the loved ones of the dearly departed.Christian should be well prepared for this. And it is *biblical to bury the deceased and pre-plan for a bereavement.
* See Genesis 23 and Genesis 50.

grandpa_childNV Gracious – RM 21,800 discount 20% to RM 17,440 (for As- Need)
NV Love – RM 26, 000
NV Glory – RM 33,800

NV Gracious


NV Love


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